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C & S Capital Management, Inc. began in 2000. Michael D. Overturf is the Owner and President. Michael is a Registered Investment Advisor and a Certified Public Accountant (inactive).  He has a BSBA degree with majors in accounting and finance.  He has been managing assets for others for over 16 years.  

The most important thing is to define your goals

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Successful investment advisory relationships are based on trust.  Investment advisors are required to maintain a rigorous fiduciary standard of care when managing client assets.  A core principle of the fiduciary standard is that investment advisors must put their clients'  interests first.  We take this obligation seriously and work hard to live up to our clients' expectations every day.  

We help our clients define their investment and retirement goals and how to go about reaching them.  C & S Capital Management, Inc. strives to be an integral part of the wealth management process: from identifying your risk profile and evaluating objectives to implementing a strategy and monitoring performance.  Because we believe periodic rebalancing is critical to the long term success of your portfolio, we monitor the allocation of your assets to ensure it remains in line with your defined investment objectives.

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Conservative, Long-Term Investment Philosophy 


As stewards of our client's assets we understand that reward and risk are directly related.  Our experience suggests a well-diversified portfolio can help reduce risk without sacrificing a reasonable expectation of investment return.  

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