C & S Capital Management, Inc.

Making smart, informed investment decisions today is more difficult than ever before.  It is our goal to simplify the process.  We dedicate ourselves to assisting you with your investment needs throughout all stages of your life by providing you with three key tools:

1.  A clear identification and understanding of your financial goals.

2.  A well-defined, personalized roadmap for achieving those goals.

3.  Ongoing advice and guidance to help adjust your roadmap when your needs change.  We are monitoring constantly and report to you at least quarterly on how we are doing.

Fees are based on the size of the client's portfolio, and are generally paid on a quarterly basis.

Fee-Only Advisor

C & S Capital Management, Inc. is a fee-only advisor, which means the only compensation we receive for managing client portfolios are the investment advisory fees paid directly by our clients.  Since we are independent and fee-only, we have no products to sell you except our advice. That means if you need a financial product, like insurance or a mortgage, we can guide you through your purchase decision and act as your advocate to help make sure you buy the right product for your needs, but we won't try to sell any products to you, and never have a financial interest in doing so.  We never receive referral fees and we never make commissions.  

With each client, we develop a clear and objective view on the investments that should be owned by the client and the appropriate allocation.  A diversification framework establishes the long-term guidelines for how the client will be invested across the four major asset classes - cash and cash equivalents, stocks, bonds, and alternative assets. Holdings ultimately can include individual securities, both stocks and bonds, as well as exchange-trade funds and, when appropriate, mutual funds. Portfolios are properly diversified among these options.


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